Joseph 派克 vs. 拉兹万·科亚努(Razvan Cojanu) – Results

通过 吉姆·道尔: WBO heavyweight world champion Joseph 派克 (23-0, 18 KOs) looked VERY unimpressive on Saturday night in defeating his former sparring partner WBO #14 拉兹万·科亚努(Razvan Cojanu) (16-3,9 KOs)在新西兰奥克兰的Sparks竞技场以单面12回合的一致决定。在战斗中,两个战士都没有受伤。

Cojanu, 30, lost a point in round 4 after the referee took exception with him pulling down on the head of 派克. What was interesting is the referee didn’t take a point away from 派克 for pushing Cojanu’s face with his glove and trying to bend him over the ropes in round 3. The referee stopped the action to warn the 25-year-old 派克, but he never took a point away. It seemed far worse what 派克 did compared to Cojanu pulling down on the head of 派克.

The judges scored the fight 119-108, 117-110, and 117-110. Those were fair scores. 拳击新闻24 scored the fight 11 rounds to 1 in favor of 派克. Cojanu only appeared to win the 11th round, and even that round was close.

派克 was trying to hurt Cojanu with his power shots in the first 6 rounds, but he lacked the power, speed and the explosiveness to hurt the Romanian fighter. 派克 was trying hard to get a knockout, but he was too small and not able to generate enough power or speed on his punches to trouble Cojanu.

In round 5, 派克 started to show signs of fading. He looked exhausted from throwing so many punches. You have to realize that Cojanu was mostly just covering up with his big arms, blocking shots and constantly talking to 派克 to try and embarrass him. He succeeded at making 派克 look bad in the round. In the last seconds of the round, Cojanu nailed 派克 with 3 straight jabs that snapped his head back each time they landed. 派克 looked exhausted. He wasn’步自己,他用了太多的动作来避免Cojanu’s pressure.

6th round was a slow one in the first half, as neither guy did much of anything. Cojanu landed some nice shots to the head of 派克 that seemed anger him. 派克 than came on strong in the last 30 seconds of the round and tried to score a knockout after he trapped Cojanu against the ropes. Cojanu then landed a strong right hand at close range that snapped 派克’的头。这是6杆不错的球’7” Cojanu.

It was surprising that someone that tall could throw a power shot from close up. If Cojanu had thrown more of those type of punches in the round, he likely would have knocked 派克 out, because the shot really got his attention. Unfortunately, Cojanu was incapable of throwing more than a handful of punches in each round without taking a rest break and backing off.

Cojanu nailed 派克 with two hard lefts to the body in round 7 that appeared to hurt him. 派克 got on his bike and started moving around the ring after getting hit with those shots. 派克 did very little in this round. He might have been feeling the effects of those body shots. Whatever it was, 派克 was moving constantly, looking tired, and not showing much ambition.

In round 8, 派克 came back strong in throwing a lot of punches in trying to hurt Cojanu. It didn’t work, but it looked impressive at least. At the end of the round, 派克 hit Cojanu with huge left hand to the chin. The punch didn’t hurt Cojanu, who merely took it and smiled at 派克, as if to say, ‘You can’t hurt me.’

派克 started moving a lot in the 9th round to avoid the pressure from Cojanu. 派克 would land a shot, and then start moving around the ring to keep from getting hit. At this point in the fight, it looked like 派克 had no confidence that he could stand his ground and beat Cojanu at close range. 派克 didn’有耐力站立和交易。

In round 10, 派克 did nothing until the last seconds of the round in which he threw a furry of shots, which were mostly blocked by Cojanu. After the round ended, Cojanu hit 派克 with a right to the head.

Cojanu fought well in the 11th in hitting a tired looking 派克 with some big power shots to the head. This was by far Cojanu’最好的一轮战斗。

Both fighters went at it in the 12th round, especially in the last seconds. 派克 tried his best to get a knockout, but the power and the snap on his punches were not there. Cojanu landed a right hand at the end of the fight. It was another round for 派克.

This was a match between 2 sparring partners. Both 派克 and Cojanu have been sparring partners at times during their careers. Unfortunately, tonight’s fight looked like a sparring match rather than an actual fight. Cojanu was constantly talking to 派克 during the fight, taunting him, and mugging to the audience. Cojanu reminded me a lot of journeyman Jason Gavern with the way that he was stick his arms out to his sides and yell everyone once in a while.

派克 didn’t take the taunting too well, as he seemed upset and frustrated through most of the fight. 派克 was trying to knock Cojanu out with his power shots, he lacked the speed and the explosiveness on his punches that he needed for him to get the knockout. Cojanu is the same fighter that was destroyed in 2 rounds by journeyman Donovan Dennis in 2015. Dennis’s power shots looked a lot more powerful than 派克’今晚打拳。丹尼斯不是’t a major player in the heavyweight division, but he clearly has better punching power than 派克.

6’7 ½” Cojanu was brought in as a replacement for No.1 WBO Hughie Fury, who pulled out of the 派克 fight a couple of weeks ago because of a back problem. Hughie has got to be kicking himself right now that he didn’t stick it out and take the fight tonight, because probably would have beaten 派克. This would have been a very winnable fight for the 22-year-old Hughie if he’d接过。他也许仍然没有赢,但是他比Cojanu的表现要好得多,后者看上去只是在参加一场散打比赛,而今晚却没有去尝试赢。

派克’s unimpressive win likely has fighters like Tony Bellew and Dillian Whyte licking their chops in anticipation at getting him in the ring. Their promoter Eddie Hearn wants to match one of those guys against 派克 next in order to build up a fight between 派克 and Anthony Joshua. I don’t think it would be a good idea for 派克 to fight Bellew or Whyte if he doesn’t have to. Those would be risky fights for 派克, especially if they take place in the UK. If 派克 is going to need to take a voluntary defense in the UK before he faces Joshua, then he should face someone a little more beatable.

在共同特征方面,中量级前景 提姆秋祖 (4-0,3 KOs)保持不败,第二轮淘汰赛获胜 伊万娜·肖(Ivana Siau) (3-7-1,3个KO)。 22岁的Tszyu用右手伤害了Siau,导致他向前弯腰。然后,秋祖迅速用另一只右手击中了防御不力的Siau,将他击退。战斗随后停止。前世界冠军Kostya Tszyu的儿子Tszyu的手速看起来很慢。秋祖主要投掷单发而非组合。看到秋祖有多慢,真令人惊讶。除非秋祖提高手速并学习如何投掷组合球,否则他’不可能成为竞争者,更不用说成为世界冠军了。 Siau今晚在秋祖拍摄照片时没有任何问题,’令人不安。秋祖应该’容易被3-7战绩的战士击中。从积极的角度来看,秋祖似乎具有良好的拳打力。他’他的拳头有些跳动,这可能会在将来对他有所帮助。但是秋祖不是’与中量级师Gennady Golovkin,Jermall Charlo和Daniel Daniels等人一样强大。它’s too bad Tszyu isn’在140岁时战斗,因为我认为他在职业生涯中会有更大的机会。但由于秋祖手速度不足和拳打率低,他在中量级的战斗将非常艰难。





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